Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rosalita...artist extraordinaire...

This is Rosalita, Alejandro's (Falco) oldest child, and she is very talented. I looked through her sketchbook (I should've photographed it) and her observational skills are impressive...even more so for 7 yrs old! She loves Dexter's Lab (they only get it through a pirated channel) so everything she draws from is either on the screen at the moment or from memory. The stuff she has in her book is really good - I gave her my watercolour paints and a book - and she loves painting. Being that there are little or no supplies in Cuba, I'm sending her (through a third party that is going there) some supplies. As far as Dexter's lab is concerned if anyone knows of any print materials I could send, I would greatly appreciate it, since her family doesn't have a DVD or VHS player. Any suggestions on how we can help this young Cuban artist to become even better would be welcome. My email is Thank you. Ciao.


Blogger Andrew said...

Man, that drawing she's drawing in the picture looks totally like me!

8:57 PM  
Blogger belinha said...


Click here to vote

CTT (portuguese post office) launched a contest giving anyone the chance to draw a stamp. This is my proposal for Children Imaginary theme. To win the contest I need your vote. It's simple:

- Insert your email and press ENVIAR(It does not work with Hotmail accounts)

- Confirm your vote when you receive an email about the contest from Aqui ha selo(Insert email again and press ENVIAR)

And that's it! THANKS!

8:41 AM  
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Blogger Linton Joseph said...

Hey Scott hope life in the sun is all good

11:48 AM  
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