Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rosalita...artist extraordinaire...

This is Rosalita, Alejandro's (Falco) oldest child, and she is very talented. I looked through her sketchbook (I should've photographed it) and her observational skills are impressive...even more so for 7 yrs old! She loves Dexter's Lab (they only get it through a pirated channel) so everything she draws from is either on the screen at the moment or from memory. The stuff she has in her book is really good - I gave her my watercolour paints and a book - and she loves painting. Being that there are little or no supplies in Cuba, I'm sending her (through a third party that is going there) some supplies. As far as Dexter's lab is concerned if anyone knows of any print materials I could send, I would greatly appreciate it, since her family doesn't have a DVD or VHS player. Any suggestions on how we can help this young Cuban artist to become even better would be welcome. My email is Thank you. Ciao.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Introducing Carlos Alejandro Falco Chang

When I was visiting Cuba, I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Chang (thanks Agostin), one of Cuba's best political Cartoonists. His work has appeared in international newspapers (signed "Falco") and in fact, last year one of his pieces was honored for being one of the best of the year. You can find some of his work, by entering his name ( as seen above) in Google and choosing the 3rd and 5th options. I was really glad to meet Alejandro (the name he goes by) and his wife : Yadira Torres Ayala, and their 3 awesome kids (more on one of them in the next post). What I am really amazed at is that he is able to turn out quality work, with the meager resources available to him. The Majority of Cubans make no more than $20US a month, there is strict use of his computer at work-the only place he can use internet; you only have a local LAN intranet in the home IF you have a computer (I'd say at least 95% of Cubans don't) and that only is for email-and his computer is about PIII technology, and he's fortunate to have that. Unlike us he can't reference material (unless it's at work) such as taking out a library book (he can go there and read it), download it, or buy it (bookstores in Cuba are VERY limited) because a book can run you at least $15 and since that's a choice between reading and taking care of your family........well..... I really took all this to heart, and so I'm letting the rest of my artistic community know his story - and ask you to let others know it as well. I already know some of the things I'm going to do : there artist such as Ralph Steadman, Brad Holland, and Randall Enos that he admires, and I know he would like Ronald Searle, so I'm getting some books to send to him via third parties who are going to Cuba. I would appreciate ANY suggestions that any of you would have and welcome them. If you personally would like to contact Alejandro his email is This goes to show that not only a lot of us fortunate to be able to do what we love, but also to be in a position to help those who are not as fortunate. Ciao. Scott.

Cuba es....

That's all I can say. Cuba was............the most life affecting trip that I've ever been on. It was was like being bombarded with images, feelings and experiences all at the same time. It's a country that physically exists in one place, but seems to figuratively exist at many different times and spaces all at once. The architecture is AMAZING.......50's buildings, Necropolis de Colon - a literal city of the dead - statuary beyond belief.....the history, the literature, the art, the music...and I was only in Havana!!! That's not even 20% of the island. For all of that though, I have to say.....the most amazing thing about it's people. Seriously, I have never met people anywhere who are as warm, giving, resourceful, and genuine.....and I could go on. If you go to Cuba (and I highly recommend it), got to meet the people - everything else is secondary - walk among them, talk with them......and you will be.........well, I'll let you find out for yourself. Just go. Lastly, thanx to the fellow travellers whom i met - you enhanced it for me. (From left, that's me on the right, in the Che picture) Grant and Daniel, I hope Trinidad and Santiago were awesome experiences and that the cigars were as good as advertised. Blanca, Elena, Monica, and Dominica; sorry we missed those drinks, but I hope Veradero was as great as the rest of the trip, have a safe trip back to Spain and stay sexy! Stay tuned for my next post, I'm back baby! Ciao. Scott.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Still More Freyre

A quick note - In the last picture that is Freyre signing the picture, and to the left is Ernesto Garcia Cabral....considered the master of Mexican Caricature....Cheers
P.S. Hey Robin I was able to sneak in one of Indira Gandhi. Whaddya think?

More Freyre


Back again...Here is some work by an inspiration of mine Rafael Freyre...a great Mexican caricaturist and even better watercolor artist, as you can see. Similar to Hirschfeld in some ways (actually since Hirschfeld was inspired somewhat by Miguel Covarrubias you could say he is similar to Freyre), his work has a somewhat more poliical bent to it (more my tastes!!!) Anyway ENJOY!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

More Coffeshop Blues...

Been a while but I made up for "some" lost time.....I think I need to change locales from coffeshops...getting stuck in a bit of a formula...tho I like these ones (espec. the guy in the tie) Enjoy!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Coffeshop blues 2...

here's the 2nd part...I forgot....sorry...

Coffeshop blues...

So much for sticking to a schedule eh? I've been drawing, but not posting...somebody needs to make a change...(i wonder who?). These were done yesterday...I'm actually kinda pleases with them..enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sushi again....

Okay....back on track. This wkend was hell helping to plan and setup my dad's 65th birthday party...whooo. These were done last nite, the sushi was okay (like the drawings), but nothing to write home about...I think we're gonna try a new place...ah well. Ciao.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Anno Domini.........and on the third day......

Wellllll......I made it on the 3rd day, which means I have to put one out tomorrow....OUCH..On the bright side....I at least inked this one fully (et tu Conicon?) enjoy.