Friday, January 27, 2006

Still More Freyre

A quick note - In the last picture that is Freyre signing the picture, and to the left is Ernesto Garcia Cabral....considered the master of Mexican Caricature....Cheers
P.S. Hey Robin I was able to sneak in one of Indira Gandhi. Whaddya think?

More Freyre


Back again...Here is some work by an inspiration of mine Rafael Freyre...a great Mexican caricaturist and even better watercolor artist, as you can see. Similar to Hirschfeld in some ways (actually since Hirschfeld was inspired somewhat by Miguel Covarrubias you could say he is similar to Freyre), his work has a somewhat more poliical bent to it (more my tastes!!!) Anyway ENJOY!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

More Coffeshop Blues...

Been a while but I made up for "some" lost time.....I think I need to change locales from coffeshops...getting stuck in a bit of a formula...tho I like these ones (espec. the guy in the tie) Enjoy!